Monday, June 20, 2011

Mysore Rasam

Hi All,

I am posting this recipe after and long gap of time from blogging. Firstly, i thank all my followers and non-members commenting my posts and cheering my spirit!!! Its very hard to post recipes with my 1 1/2yr old kid, no jokes! she keeps me on my toes.....Hence, i am in Happy Parenting stage....!!

I have come with a tasty, soupy menu: Mysore Rasam


Tamarind- goose berry sized
Tomato- 1big size
Thoor dal - 1tbspn
Hing- 1 small piece (gum base)
Coconut scrape- 1tbspn
Red chillies- 3nos
Black pepper seeds- 8-10nos
Cumin seeds- 1tbspn
Coriander leaves
Coconut scrapes (for seasoning)

How to make:
1) With a little oil heated up in a pan, saute the thoor dal, pepper, cumin, coconut scrapes, red chillies and hing until golden brown
2) Powder them in mixer and keep aside.
3) Extract tamarind pulp and heat it until the raw smell goes off.
4) Chop the tomatoes into pieces and put it in the tamarind extract and allow to boil nicely.
5)Add a pinch of turmeric powder and sugar in the boiling state.
6) Add necessary salt and then put the ground powder to it.
7) Let this mixture comes to a boiling point and before it bubbles remove from the fire.
8) Season with spluttered mustard, coriander leaves, and sauteed coconut scrapes.

Mysore Rasam is ready!


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