Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dry fruits Pilaf

This dish was pending in my list and one fine day i tried this and came out very nice!!
This pilaf i followed the Arabian style of cooking rice. In middle east i know people prefer rich food even for everyday menu. The blend of spices and ingrdients is very different from Indian cuisine. I tried this rice recipe and sharing this with you all.

Basmati rice- 1cup
Dry fruits- 1 cup (mixture of Almonds, Raisins, Cashews, Pistachios)
Potatoes- 2 Sliced round
Saffron- 1 pinch
Ghee- 2tbspn

How to make:
1) Wash and cook basmati rice outside, in a pan.
2) Remove it once its half done, (Do not cook fully). Drain water and wash in cold running water.
3) Soak the saffron in water, or if u prefer can be soaked in rose water. (Not the coloured rose water)
4) In a pan, heat ghee and sautee the dry fruit till golden brown.
5) Peel a raw potato and cut it into round pieces.
6) In the same pan heat ghee and spread the potatoes as a bottom layer and sprinkle some salt.
7) Then put one layer of the rice covering well the potatoes, add salt to taste.
8) Then spread the nuts. Likewise, do layers of all these alternatively and pour a the saffron soaked water.
9) Cover and Dum these for 5mins. Check for rice if its done.
10) Take the rice portion seperately and mix well.
11) Serve the potatoes seperately.
12) A colourful, rich, tasty Pilaf is ready for serving !!


  1. very interesting shobana...never tried~! surely krishya will like it...nice click!


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