Monday, October 25, 2010

Chow Chow skin Thogaiyal

This is very tasty and healthy traditional thogaiyal made from the skin of chow chow or Chayote. The skin of chow chow has high fibres and shall be utilised for cooking without wasting!!!

Skin of Chayote - 1cup
Urad Dal - 2tbspn
Redchillies- 2nos.
Hing- a small piece
Coconut scrapes- 2 spoon
Tamarind - a small piece

How to make:
1)Heat oil in a pan and fry hing, Urad dal and redchillied one by one.
2)Then add the skin of chayote, tamarind, coconut scrapes.
3) Allow the roasted ingrdients to cool.
4) Add salt and grind the ingrdients to fine paste.
Suitable to mix with rice or as a side dish for any kuzhambu dish.


  1. healthy thogiyal!!!will try it soon!

  2. Nice thogiyal ..must try!
    Following you :)

  3. Thanks Aipi for following...All your comments will boost up my work...!


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