Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cabbage kariamuthu (or) thoran (or) poriyal

Cabbage : 1/2 kg finely chopped
Green peas(frozen or fresh) : Handful
Coconut shreds : 2 tbsp
Urad dal: 1 tspn
Mustard seeds : 1 tspn
Red chillies : 2 big
Turmeric powder: 1 pinch
Salt : to taste
How to make:
1) Cabbage is chopped finely and washed.
2) Heat oil and splutter mustard, and fry urad dal and chillies.
3) Add cabbage, turmeric powder, salt. Close and cook for 2 mins till it become soft.
4)Add peas and shredded coconut to this cooked cabbage.
Other Alternatives:
1) Soaked channa dal can be added when cooking cabbage, which gives more taste.
2) Cluster beans and Cabbage duo will also be yummy.

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