Monday, March 30, 2009


Idly, a wonderful South Indian breakfast menu. I was not successful in getting soft, fluffy idlis when grinding in mixer, though implementing various proportions everytime. Then finally succeeded in getting soft idlis using the ratio 3:3/4

3 cups idly rice.
3/4 cups of urad dal.
2 tbsp venthayam.

How to make:
1)Soak idly rice for 4 hrs and urad dal for 2 hours with venthayam.
2)Grind venthayam and urad dal together softly and then grind rice separately.
3)Mix both batter together and add salt and mix well with clean hands (this helps in fermentation of the batter, which results in spongy idlis).
4)Leave the batter outside at room temp.
5)'Idly thattu' is used to steam idlis.

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