Monday, March 30, 2009

Inji Rasam / Ginger Soup

Ginger is a wonderful rhizome which has numerous medicinal value. In our day to day life we should take atleast a little quantity of ginger in any form. I use ginger in various menus like salads, soups, gravies, rice varities and in drinks.Here i am posting one such favourite recipe of mine.Its a 'rasam' or can be called 'soup'.

tamarind - a small lemon size
tomato - 1 small
ginger - 5 inch size, chopped lengthwise
rasam powder - 1 tbsp
redchillies - 3 nos.
mustard seeds - 1tspn
hing - a pinch
turmeric powder - a pinch
salt - for taste
oil - 1 tbsp
corrider leaves - a small bunch

How to make:
1) Soak the tamarind and extract the pulp, say about a full cup.
2) Chop the ginger, tomato.
3) Boil the tamarind pulp till it leaves the raw smell.
4) Add a pind of turmeric powder, rasam powder and tomatoes.
5) After the tomatoes become tender, add the chopped ginger (retain a little portion) and bring to boil.
6) Add hing, salt and chopped coriander leaves to the rasam.
7) Fry mustard, red chillies and then saute the retained portion of ginger in the oil.
8) Hot ginger rasam is ready.

This rasam is a very good appetite and can be consumed once a week. It not only increases appetite but also gives a rejuvenation and keeps us active. Try out!

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